“Having her was the best charm of my life. Her charisma, her motivations, her jokes were really the order of the day. Racing deep down towards the library of memoirs, I pulled out a script from among the ruins. The ruins told me the real story. They were crying for attention. And they needed it sooner rather than later. It was then that it hit me that after bifurcating our stairway to the heaven of our dreams, the two of us had come really, really far. I was delving deep into an unfathomable ocean of picture sequences of her when I felt the script in my hand was frowning at me, like she would do if I didn’t keep all my senses transfixed on her face when she talked. I meekly looked at the script for a moment before deciding to open it up. As I opened it, a dead rose, martyred in the way of love, gave way to the holy scripture it clung on to for so long. My face lit up like the sun was smiling behind me, like it does so often with moon at nights. It reminded me of the first time when I got to really know her, it was the time when I decided to hold hands with her, forever.” :





  1. Ankita Jain · February 13, 2016

    I really like all those quotes in the images Mr. Potter. 😉 :p
    Do take out time to visit my blog at and read the stuff there. 🙂

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